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Careers at
TNQ - Operations

What is a day in the life of a TNQ operations team member like?

What do we offer at TNQ ?


Work from home opportunities

Subsidised food
and transportation

Continuous learning, development and growth

Flexible shift timings
and leave policies

Social and cultural

Community at TNQ

Meet new people, pick up new skills, build lifelong friendships. Participate in our quarterly town hall meetings, contribute to the company's Kaizen sessions, and tell us your favourite stories at our tea parties!

TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event
TNQ's annual event

Hear from our people


Sony Wilson

Senior Manager - Copy Editing 

I started my career at TNQ as a copy editing trainee and over the years have grown to a successful manager. My career growth was well-defined with the support and guidance of my mentors and managers. I have grown to own strong technological and leadership skillsets, which I would say only TNQ can inculcate.

Swami (1).jpg

Swaminathan Nagarajan

Manager  -  Journal Management

I have been with TNQ for almost 9 years! After working with two MNCs, when I joined TNQ, I thought it might be a dull place to work! I am happy to have been proven wrong. There were so many experienced people on the floor who were more than happy to guide me. The training was detailed and any questions I had were answered patiently. The growth I have had here is exceptional and this may not have been possible in another company. The people I have around me make me feel very comfortable and the bonding we have is very good.


Open roles

These roles are open in both our office locations - Chennai and Coimbatore.

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